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More than a design…it’s your style…

I believe in being stylish yet retain the simplicity.

Have always believed in carrying an own individual style – absolutely own! Over the years, this has boosted me to have a styleline specially framed for all the ladies who believe in simplicity coupled with style.

It’s the way you carry yourself and your dress is what helps carry you ! Style is how you handle yourself and style is being yourself and confident – Find your style with me… here…in Sai’sown Boutique.

All the garment materials are specially handpicked personally by me to ensure quality and choice. The styles are specially crafted by me and or chosen by me from various fashion hubs or fashion weeks – with a mix of wear that I would personally love to see myself in 🙂 Hope you like the style.

Hope you join me in my dream with ‘Sai’sown Boutique’

Sanjukta Chatterjee
Mother, Housewife, Banker & Fashion Passionate